Commonly Believed Acupuncture Myths

There are a variety of medical treatments that a person may need to undergo if they are to heal, or at least manage, some of the medical issues that they may experience. Acupuncture can be an effective treatment for a variety of problems, but individuals may allow some misinformation to inhibit their ability to evaluate this treatment option. Myth: Acupuncture Will Be Extremely Painful A common assumption that individuals may have about acupuncture is that it will be an extremely painful procedure to undergo.

Therapeutic Massage May Help Your Back Spasms

Back spasms can be extremely painful and they often strike unexpectedly. Spasms can begin after you've had an injury to your back from a fall or after heavy lifting. Even something as simple as running up steps or twisting your midsection can strain a back muscle and cause spasms. The spasms could last as long as it takes to recover from the injury, which could be days or weeks. Therapeutic massage at a place like the Chris Teeple Muscle Specialist is one treatment that can help.

Three Reasons To Get An In-Room Massage

If you like getting massages, then you should consider getting an in-room massage from a place like Massage Bliss. Here are three reasons why. You Don't Have To Go Anywhere Perhaps the best reason of all to get an in-room massage is the benefit of not having to go anywhere. You can schedule the massage from the phone in your hotel room and then all you have to do is wait for your massage therapist to arrive.

How A Full Body Massage Benefits Your Physical And Mental Health

While you can have a back or foot massage, nothing beats having a full body massage when you're tense or have muscle soreness. A full body massage works the muscles from your feet to your head. Here's why you should treat yourself to this massage experience. Relief From Exercise Soreness When you take up exercising to get back in shape, you'll probably deal with sore muscles for several days. Soreness can develop when you do any type of activity for a prolonged period and that can make it uncomfortable to go about your work and leisure activities.

Planning A Romantic Couple's Spa Weekend?

A spa weekend can be the perfect mini getaway for you and your significant other, whether you are celebrating an anniversary or you just want to spend quiet time together. Here are a few things to consider as you plan your romantic spa retreat. Couple's Massage A couple's massage offers a wonderful way to work out the stress of everyday life. Plan to schedule your massages after a light breakfast or lunch, and don't plan any activities for immediately after the massage treatment is over.