Commonly Believed Acupuncture Myths

There are a variety of medical treatments that a person may need to undergo if they are to heal, or at least manage, some of the medical issues that they may experience. Acupuncture can be an effective treatment for a variety of problems, but individuals may allow some misinformation to inhibit their ability to evaluate this treatment option.

Myth: Acupuncture Will Be Extremely Painful

A common assumption that individuals may have about acupuncture is that it will be an extremely painful procedure to undergo. This assumption is often due to the fact that the procedure will use needles. A skilled acupuncturist will be able to administer these treatments while causing minimal discomfort to their patient. Most patients that receive this treatment will experience very little discomfort; in fact, patients will likely experience little more than a pricking sensation that will feel similar to a mosquito bite. Additionally, this sensation will quickly pass once the needle has been inserted into the skin.

Myth: It Is Extremely Expensive To Receive Acupuncture Treatments

The cost of receiving this type of treatment can be another factor that may discourage individuals from seeking acupuncture. More precisely, some individuals will assume that they must always pay for these treatments out of their own pockets. While this may be the case, it is also a reality that many insurance companies have some degree of coverage for this type of treatment. If your insurance does not provide coverage for acupuncture, many providers can work out payment plans or other arrangements to help you afford the services that you need.

Myth: Acupuncture Treatments Will Immediately Cure Your Problem

It is common for individuals to seek out acupuncture treatments in response to chronic conditions. While these treatments can be extremely effective in treating these problems, it should be noted that patients may need to undergo several treatment sessions before they can expect to show noticeable improvements in their condition. The exact number of treatments that this will require can vary greatly, depending on the condition being treated and the responsiveness of the patient. Immediately after undergoing acupuncture treatments, patients may notice a temporary improvement in their condition. However, patients will require at least a few weeks of these treatments to achieve permanent results. During your initial meeting with the acupuncturist, they will be able to give you a rough estimate as to the number of treatments that may be needed. While this can give you some guidance in this regard, there can be factors that may slow or accelerate the benefits.

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