What You Should Know About Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic massage is a popular treatment option when people are suffering from a wide range of problems. You might wonder what it is before you get a massage so let's look at the basics. 

What Is the Lymphatic System?

First, you ought to know a bit about your body's lymphatic system. As your body deals with everyday issues, it collects waste. Suppose your body encounters a virus and successfully repels it. Where do all the dead viral bodies go? Your immune system dumps all the viruses to the nearest disposal, your lymphatic system.

Notably, your lymphatic system is a parallel system that runs throughout your body as your circulatory system does. This has the virtue of quarantining all that messy stuff from your circulatory system, but it also means the junk can collect in there. If you've ever felt swollen nodes around your neck while you've been sick, then you know where at least part of your lymphatic system is.


Swelling from these problems gives rise to a condition called lymphedema. This is swelling tied to drainage issues. You may experience issues with swelling in the arms, legs, hands, or feet. Similarly, you could experience swelling in the chest, face, neck, or groin.

Be aware you should talk with a doctor to find out if you're dealing with a different problem. For example, some types of swelling are tied to congestive heart failure. However, if your doctor concludes the issue is lymphedema, they may encourage you to go to a lymphatic drainage massage practice for treatments.

Other Disorders

People also can develop lymph problems due to some medical procedures. For example, cases of lymphatic issues are known to happen after breast cancer surgeries and treatments. Similarly, anyone who has lost a lymph node could suffer from these sorts of problems.

The Goal of the Massage

Foremost, a massage treatment should encourage drainage. This means getting the flow of the system moving well enough that the bad stuff releases from the lymph vessels so your body can deal with it. Secondly, your body needs to reabsorb its lymph fluids because it requires those to continue clearing out your system.

In extreme cases, there are medical procedures for draining the lymphatic system. However, you should always consider a less invasive approach first, and that's where lymphatic massage enters the picture. A massage therapist can also teach you some basic ways to try to maintain the results between sessions, such as hydrating well and doing a few basic exercises.

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