Therapeutic Massage May Help Your Back Spasms

Back spasms can be extremely painful and they often strike unexpectedly. Spasms can begin after you've had an injury to your back from a fall or after heavy lifting. Even something as simple as running up steps or twisting your midsection can strain a back muscle and cause spasms. The spasms could last as long as it takes to recover from the injury, which could be days or weeks. Therapeutic massage at a place like the Chris Teeple Muscle Specialist is one treatment that can help. Here's why it's beneficial.

Massage Improves Blood Flow To The Injured Muscles

The quicker your muscle heals, the sooner your spasms end. One of the goals of massage therapy is to improve circulation to the muscle in your back. The increased blood flow increases the supply of oxygen to the muscle which can help it heal and reduce the number of spasms you have to deal with. Muscle tension can also contribute to spasms. Gentle massage releases muscle tension and relaxes you all over which can have the secondary effect of reducing spasms.

Massage May Help Control Spasms

It can be painful to receive a massage when your back is currently having spasms, but sometimes a massage can reduce the severity of the attack as well as reduce their frequency. This is done by using neuromuscular massage techniques. The therapist uses a massage tool, elbow, or fingers to apply constant, strong pressure on the spasming muscle. This may cause some discomfort at first, but the steady pressure can often cause the muscle spasms to stop.

Massage Can Break Up Scar Tissue

Deep tissue massage can also be used to break up scar tissue that is slowing down the healing of your injured muscle. With this technique, the therapist applies prolonged steady pressure on sore spots on your back. This helps loosen adhesions so blood flow increases and your muscle can heal and stop having spasms.

If you're having sudden back pain and spasms after an injury or if you have chronic back spasms, you should have an examination by a doctor for a diagnosis. Massage therapy can be part of an overall treatment plan that includes physical therapy to strengthen your back and core muscles as well as medication such as muscle relaxants to help the pain. Be sure to let your massage therapist know about the cause of your back pain so the appropriate type of massage can be administered for faster healing and better relief of pain.

Sometimes, back spasms can be so bad that they keep you from walking, working, or going about your usual activities. They may continue off and on for many weeks if your muscle is slow to heal. Receiving prompt and proper treatment helps keep you on your feet so you don't miss out on life because you're in so much pain from the spasms.