Give Your Wife The Gift Of Pampering

Does your wife have a birthday coming up? Perhaps your anniversary is approaching, or maybe you're already doing your Christmas shopping. Whatever the occasion, if you are shopping for a gift for your wife, you might be a bit stumped. After all, she probably likes to select her own clothes. And, your wallet might not be full enough to buy your wife an expensive piece of jewelry. Candy and flowers are thoughtful, but that's not the most original idea for a gift, right?

4 Benefits Of Getting A Chair Massage At Work

Many people love the relaxing benefits of getting a full-body massage. However, for many people, it's too personal. Luckily, chair massages are an alternative to consider, and many business offer them to employees to help boost productivity. If you still aren't sure if a chair massage from a company like Lone Star Chair Massage is the right choice for you, check out these four benefits. Reduced Stress and Tension Any type of massage, including a chair massage can help reduce stress, and let's face it, you are often stressed and tense at work -- especially if you have deadlines, presentations, or other upcoming events.

3 Reasons To Offer Corporate Chair Massages At Work

If you are looking for a great way to please your employees and make them feel good at work, you should consider offering corporate chair massages. Here are three reasons why.  Most Of Your Employees Have Poor Posture  Because your employees spend most of their day sitting in a chair and leaning into type on a keyboard, they likely don't have the best posture. This poor posture can cause them to become stiff and store and can even lead to back problems for them.

Victim Of A Car Accident? Why You Should Make Massage Part Of Your Physical Therapy Program

Getting into a car accident can leave you with both visible and invisible injuries. Although people might see the cast on your arm or the brace on your shin that you wear because you were thrown from the vehicle, they might not see the psychological scars that hold just as much if not more weight than what can be viewed with the naked eye. If you are being treated by a physical therapist because you're having trouble walking or doing other activities they might be focusing on getting you back into fighting shape.

4 Ways Massage Can Help You During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a life-changing event. Aside from the responsibilities that come with being a parent, pregnancy itself is physically tiring. But a massage during your pregnancy can help with the latter. Here are some of the reasons why you should have a massage during your pregnancy. Minimize Stress As previously mentioned, with pregnancy comes a ton of responsibility. For some expectant mothers, the fear of what's to come can be overwhelming and outright stressful.