Natural Healing and Massage Therapy

While useful in certain situations, medication isn't the only solution for many ailments. As long as you don't have an underlying condition that requires you to take specific drugs on a regular basis, considering a natural healing method is worth a try. Visiting a massage and day spa might offer you a substantial amount of relief, and you will be taken care of by trained professionals. You can take advantage of several natural healing methods at a day spa that might be the solution that you need. Here are a few to consider.

Relaxation in a Formulated Spa Tub

Sitting in a spa tub at home can bring on a relaxing effect, as the jets can massage your body and provide some pain relief. However, going to a spa will give you the opportunity to relax in a spa tub that is formulated to meet your specific needs.

For example, rather than just getting a massage from the jets, a therapists can add special ingredients to the water that are based on the type of results you desire to achieve. If you are looking to get relief from muscle pain, oils such as lavender or peppermint might be added to the water. Herbs and salt can also be use to formulate the water for things such as skin exfoliation and relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage for Pain Relief

A common technique used for pain relief when getting treated naturally by a massage therapist is stimulation of the deep body tissues. A therapist knows the amount of pressure to apply to target specific tissues and help clients to obtain relief. Deeply massaging the tissues can help by easing up muscle tension and helping blood to circulate as it should. Blood circulation is important for your body to heal, as it is what transports oxygen where it should go. A deep tissue massage can be performed using hands or tools, and many therapists use their own techniques.

Reflexology to Target Problems

A natural healing technique that is used by many massage therapists is called reflexology. The technique uses pressure to promote healing in various parts of the body. The pressure can be applied to your hands, feet, or ears depending on the type of healing that is needed. Ask a massage therapist for a detailed explanation if you are interested in reflexology treatment.

For more information on the kinds of treatments a massage therapist can provide, contact a local spa.