Does Your Wife Have An Important Occasion Ahead Of Her?

Ae you planning your wife's spring or summer birthday? Or, maybe you are already making plans to create a fun and memorable Mother's Day for your sweetheart. No matter the occasion, from planning a massage gift for your wife to giving her a gift basket, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Gift Of Massage - If your wife has already had massages, she would probably be the first person to say that another massage would be the perfect gift. If she has never had a massage, she is in for an amazingly wonderful experience. Depending on what's in your wallet or your bank account, think of giving her a gift card for one massage, or give her a massage-a-month gift. 

Your wife will be attended by workers who are totally focused on pampering her. She'll be greeted courteously and pleasantly first, and then she will be taken to the room where she will receive her massage. It will probably have dim lighting, and there might be soft music playing. In addition, the scent of essential oils like lavender might be evident already. 

The massage will be given by a professional who will have been trained to pay attention to every detail. For example, the massage therapist might recognize that your wife's shoulder muscles are very tight. If that's the case, extra attention will be given to that area of her body to relieve the stress. Your wife will be told that she can ask for more firmness or for a lighter touch.

Think of selecting something different, maybe a hot stone massage, for your wife's special day. Or, make it double the fun by selecting a couple's massage.

​A Gift Basket - Of course, the massage your wife receives will be an amazing gift in itself. However, you might also want to give her something more tangible. If that's the case, consider giving her a gift basket that contains many smaller gifts. For example, select a theme for the gift basket. Things like body lotions, scented candles, her favorite body spray, and a CD of her favorite love songs might establish a romantic theme. 

Does your wife love movies? If so, think of arranging a gift basket that contains a classic movie, popcorn, her favorite beverage, and the promise of a foot rub while she's watching the movie. No matter what you put in your wife's gift basket, the inclusion of another massage will probably be the frosting-on-the-cake.