4 Things To Know About Using An Outcall Massage Service

When you are in pain, making it all the way to a massage therapist can be too much to handle. If you are disabled, making it a massage therapist may be too big a task.  Or you may just be too busy to make it to a massage therapist for an appointment. That is where an outcall massage service comes into play. An outcall massage service comes to you, instead of you coming to the massage therapist's office.

The Massage Therapist Brings All The Supplies

The massage therapist will bring all the supplies necessary for a massage. The massage therapist will bring a portable massage table as well as sheets, cushions, and towels for their massage table. The massage therapist will also bring any necessary lotions and oils for your massage. Many massage therapists will also bring the music that helps set the mood for their sessions as well.

The Massage Therapist Is Licensed

The outcall massage therapist who is sent to your home will be a licensed massage therapist who holds a massage therapist license through your particular state. The massage therapist is also required to hold their own personal liability insurance policy, which protects both you and the massage therapist if either one of you were to get injured during the massage process.

With mobile massage therapists, the company they work for also runs background checks and puts massage therapists through an extensive interview process to ensure that they are hiring therapists they can trust to go to your home.

You Just Need To Have Some Open Space

All you need to do is have space for the massage therapist to set up and work. A massage table is about as long as a bed or couch, but not as wide. You need to have about six to seven open feet, with at least four feet of width. This is enough space for the table and for the massage therapist to move around. 

Appointment Runs Like Normal

An in-home appointment runs like a normal appointment. The massage therapist will arrive and set up their table and supplies. Then they will ask you to disrobe to your comfort level and get on the table. The massage therapist will leave out a sheet or towel to cover you up. The therapist will leave the area of the table or room while you undress and come back when you are ready.

Once the massage therapist starts the massage, the time on your session will actually begin. The massage therapist will go through their normal routine. At the end of the appointment, the massage therapist will leave you alone to dress again, then they will come back to pick up all of their supplies and leave.

If you can't make it to the massage therapist's office, you can use an outcall service to have a massage therapist come to you when you need a massage. For more information contact companies like KHAMO FOOT AND BODY MASSAGE.