4 Benefits Of Getting A Chair Massage At Work

Many people love the relaxing benefits of getting a full-body massage. However, for many people, it's too personal. Luckily, chair massages are an alternative to consider, and many business offer them to employees to help boost productivity. If you still aren't sure if a chair massage from a company like Lone Star Chair Massage is the right choice for you, check out these four benefits.

Reduced Stress and Tension

Any type of massage, including a chair massage can help reduce stress, and let's face it, you are often stressed and tense at work -- especially if you have deadlines, presentations, or other upcoming events. While that stress may be necessary at certain times, during most days, it can affect your work, such as reducing the quality of your work because you are preoccupied with stressors. Getting a massage relaxes your muscles and mind, helping with mood disorders such as anxiety, anger, lack of motivation, depression, and stress.

Immune Benefits

By helping to reduce stress, a chair massage can also benefit your immune system, which is extremely important when working in an office setting. When your body is under a lot of stress, it may stop sending energy to certain areas of the body, such as the immune system. Similarly, the massage itself may increase blood flow to certain areas of the body, which may improve the immune system further.

Muscular Benefits

It's easy to develop back and neck pains working in an office, especially if your job relies on a computer. A chair massage can also help with muscular problems, such as stiff or strained muscles. Without even realizing it, your sore back or neck may simply be a muscle in spasm. Massage therapists use techniques to apply pressure to certain areas of the muscles. This helps relax the muscles and stop the spasm. In turn, you feel less pain and have better mobility.

Ease and Flexibility

A full massage isn't always something you can get and immediately return to work. Depending on the type of massage, you may get sweaty, and you'll likely be covered in oils or lotions. However, chair massages are much more flexible. You don't need to undress, and you usually don't get sweaty or covered in lotions. This makes it much easier to return to work quickly and productively because you aren't worried about needing a shower.

Chair massages make it possible for you to get a massage just about anywhere. Because they are less personal, you don't have to get undressed. If you have been considering a chair massage, contact a massage therapist in your area today, or better yet, ask your employee to hire one for the entire office.