3 Reasons To Offer Corporate Chair Massages At Work

If you are looking for a great way to please your employees and make them feel good at work, you should consider offering corporate chair massages. Here are three reasons why. 

Most Of Your Employees Have Poor Posture 

Because your employees spend most of their day sitting in a chair and leaning into type on a keyboard, they likely don't have the best posture. This poor posture can cause them to become stiff and store and can even lead to back problems for them. A great way to give your employees some relief throughout the work week is to offer corporate chair massages. You can either pay massages therapists to come into your office a couple of days each week, or you can have an in-house massage therapist, depending on how big your office is and how many employees that you have. 

Your Employees Can Use Their Break Time To Get A Massage 

If you are worried that offering corporate chair massages will cut into your employee's work time, this doesn't have to be the case at all. In fact, you can explain to your employees that their breaks are reserved for massages, whether it be a short massage over their 10 minute break, or a longer one over their lunch break. This allows your employees to get all of the benefits of a corporate chair massage, while still allowing them to work during their required work hours .

You May Have More Productive Employees

By offering corporate chair massages for your employees, you help them to feel more comfortable. This can go a long way in increasing their productivity while at work. Instead of worrying about their stiff and sore back, they can instead focus all of their attention on the task at hand. This in turn allows you to have a more successful and profitable business because things are getting done properly and in the appropriate time frame. Your employees will also likely be happier, which creates a much better office environment.

Getting one or more corporate massage chairs and hiring a massage therapist, such as from Body Well Mobile Massage, to give massages to your employees is an excellent idea because most of your employees have poor posture from sitting all day and this can help them out a great deal, it doesn't have to cut into their work time because massages can be offered during break times, and you may have more productive employees because they will be happier, less stiff, and also less sore while working.